As I've said elsewhere on this site I really don't charge that much because my cost base is pretty low. I've broken down each of the costs into the different types of services I provide, so just click on a service to view the price details and some further information.

If you just want me to give you a cost based on you describing what you want done please get in touch and I'll give you an initial estimate followed by a more detailed cost breakdown once I've investigated what you need in more detail.

All the costs are agreed up front as soon as you agree for me to do the work.

I don't require a deposit, but will ask for payment to cover domain registration and hosting registration up front after you have approved the site I have created for you. Full payment is then required after the site has gone live and you are happy.

I am not currently V.A.T. registered.

Basic Websites

  • 5 page website - £250 (including 1 year hosting and domain name)
  • Each additional page - £25

The prices above include static websites and websites with moving images, displaying videos, linking to other websites, contact forms etc

It includes the full costs of gathering your requirements, designing your site, developing your site, registering you with a hosting provider, registering your domain name, optimising any images you provide, submitting your site to Search Engines, registering your site for analytics and providing on-going support of your site.

Note : I'm afaid I don't provide Flash produced websites but I can provide dynamic websites through the use of jQuery and HTML5, so please just ask what you want and I'll give you and honest answer on whether I can do the work or not.

Websites with databases

Adding data to your website increases the complexity, and therefore the price, administration overheads for you and your business.

The price will vary depending on the amount of data your site will capture and process so the price below is indicative is provided as a range.

  • 5 page website - £350-1,000
  • Each additional static page - £25

The above price includes all the services I provide for a basic site (see above), but also the added time spent periodically administrating your database or training you or a member of your staff on how to do this.

At the moment I'm looking for an e-commerce/database based project to add to my portfolio of work, so for a limited time other than the increased hosting costs (see Hosting and Domain Sourcing below) involved in databases I'm prepared to produce the site based on my Basic Website charges.

Facebook pages

Simple Facebook pages are pretty easy to create yourself. I can show you how to do this or create it for you for a very low cost. I can also add more complex features to Facebook pages and the cost is naturally a little more for that and depends on what you want.

  • Help on creating a basic page - £25
  • Simple Facebook pages - £50
  • Complex Facebook pages - £100 - 350

Consultancy, Help and Support

I'm available for just asking a basic question, to investigate a problem you are having with an existing site or just for a general chat about whether you need an on-line prescence or not.

I'm very honest and don't intend using this as a means to earning more money out of whatever your question regarding websites, Facebook pages, blogs or anything else regarding the I.T. world in fact please feel free to get in touch

  • Initial conversation - £0 (Yes, ZERO)
  • Existing Website Investigation - £25 - £200*
  • Advice on what you or your organisation requires - £25 - 100**

* The cost of investigating an existing website will vary depending on how big and complex a website you have, what it is you need investigating (it's too slow, it appears low down on the search rankings, does it need modernising etc.)

** The cost of advising you on what you or your organisation needs will vary depending on how you want that communicated, a small amount of investigation and advice via an email or phonecall is next to nothing but a report will cost your more.

I won't charge a penny for estimating how much it will cost but once I've given you that cost the price will be fixed, regardless of how long it takes me.


Blogs are pretty easy to create yourself using tools such as Wordpress, so depending on whether you just need some training on how to use it or whether you want me to develop one from scratch and build a whole website around your blog the price naturally changes.

  • Advice on whether you need a blog - £0 (Yes, ZERO)
  • Training on how to create a blog yourself - £0 (Yes, ZERO)*
  • Blog within a basic 5 page website - £250 **
  • Each additional page - £25
  • Blog administration - £25 - 250 ***

* I haven't done this for any customers yet, so I'm willing to do it for free for a limited amount of time.

** I'll create the blog for roughly the same price as a standard website

*** If you need someone to keep an eye on your blog and archive or delete content for you I'm happy to do this for a charge that varies depending on the frequency you want me to manage the content

Domain & Hosting Sourcing

I don't provide hosting myself, but I can source the best available deal for you for no extra cost above what it would cost me.

I've recently been using InetUK Hosting as they provide a very low cost and reliable service, but have also used other hosting providers such as Streamline.

As a guide, I was only charged £30 for a combined .com domain and a year's hosting for a customer of mine via Inet UK Hosting, so if you are on a budget and still want a reliable service I'd recommend them every time.

If you are just looking for a cheaper or more reliable provider and want to migrate your existing site I am happy to do this for a small fee of £50 on top of the hosting charges.

Likewise I would be happy to work with a provider of your choice

I will also source the cheapest available domain name for you and will advise you on the best option, and again don't charge for the sourcing.

I don't charge for these services as they don't really require alot of effort and hope it will simply lead to further business or a recommendation from you at some later date.

Collaborative Working

I'm always looking to learn and grow my experience, so if you are an existing Web Designer or Developer and have more work than you can handle I'd be willing to help out free of charge as long as you let me link to it within my Portfolio.

If you don't understand anything or even know what you need please get in touch for a free no obligation discussion.