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Rainbow provide a community transport service for the people of the borough of Caerphilly and without them so many people with mobiliy issues would struggle to get from A to B.

This is the first ever site I put live (and it shows) and the customer was kind enough to let me use it as a playground. It's urgently in need of re-writing, which I intend doing sometime in 2012. I'm just waiting on some business changes from the customer so that they can be incorporated into the re-write. It currently just involves a very simple 4 pages, including a moving gallery of the company's vehicles

Please click on the images below to view a lightbox style gallery of each page. The gallery can be navigated using the mouse wheel or arrow keys. Press Esc to exit the gallery.

As well as the website, I also sourced the domain name and hosting, set-up their email and also created a basic Facebook page for them.

I continue to support this website for the customer - but can't wait to re-develop it for them !

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