About Me

My background

I have a firm background in I.T. and have pretty much covered the full lifecycle of software development, starting out as a developer almost twenty years ago. From capturing customer requirements, designing databases, coding, testing and support - I've pretty much had a go at all of it

Right now I have a day job as an Analyst in a Defence & Security Systems company based in South Wales, and prior to that working in the commercial sector. With almost 20 years in the business I'm always worked very closely with customers and suppliers.

Over the years I've been repeatedly been asked if I know how to create websites, so I finally decided to give it a go little over two years ago.

Who I want to help

Because, for now, this is a little side venture for me I'm interested in helping people that have very little money to spend on an expensive Web Design company or time to learn how to do it themselves in the many build-a-website-in-an-hour tools that exist.

I don't have many costs, so I really don't charge all that much. So if you are a sole trader, a small business, are running a club or voluntary organisation and you need some help you please get in touch.

I'm based just north of Cardiff, Wales in the U.K., so if you are within 20 miles of the area then I'm more than happy to meet up, if you are outside of that area there's plenty of other ways we can discuss what you need.

What I'm working on

This is the part where I should refer you to my blog. Ummm...kind of working on it so watch this space to find a blog integrated with the site pretty soon!

I've recently put live a website for Stephens Carpentry, and and I've just started another project for a roof storage company. At some point in 2012 I'm also hoping to re-write the Rainbow CTS website, which is badly in need of attention.

I'm always busy learning, and when I get some time I intend improving my HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, Facebook Developer and Wordpress skills.

For the geeks out there...

If you really want to know what I use, for bespoke websites that I develop from scratch I've used :

  • HTML5
  • XHTML (on my older sites)
  • Cascading Stylesheets (CSS)
  • jQuery

I use jQuery plugins where I think I might have a good use for them, and there are some links to the people that have developed them on this page...so thank you VERY much if you are one of those brilliant people !